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welcome back, MDP

MDP is coming back. Take over my life, rule my world. Yes, this is such a perfect timing. Thank you!
Trouble sleeping, feeling tired (even exhausted) all the time, having too many things in mind, having twice period time in a month, feeling blue most of the times, having suicidal thought, suffered from anemia.
And i dont really wanna talk about it, to be honest. But maybe you should know. Because I don't wanna sounds like a self centered who's looking for more and more love and attention. No, i'm not.
i just want peace, here, in my mind.

the answer to this feelings

"I used to love to write. As a child I used to write all the time. I loved to write up until the second I got my first professional writing job. It turns out it’s not that I hate to write.
I hate, simply, to work. I just hate to work, period. I am profoundly slothful. Practically inert. I have no energy. I never have. I just have no desire to be productive. Now that I realize I don’t hate to write, that I just hate to work, it makes writing easier."
Fran Lebowitz