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an open ending

Just watched Julie Delpy's "Two Days In Paris" for the second time, and suddenly i feel more related to the story. Because i believe that the best part of watching a film, is when you feel related to the story. So, here's the last scene of "Two Days In Paris". If you wanna feel that bit of proximity to some (or maybe every) part of it (just like i did), go on, please, help yourself :) 

"To sum up the four hours of discussion that followed, it’s not easy being in a relationship much less to truly know the other one and accept them as they are with all their flaws and baggage. Jack confessed to me his fear of being rejected if I truly knew him, if he showed himself totally bare to me. Jack realized after two years of being with me that he didn’t know me at all, nor did I know him. And to truly love each other, we needed to know the truth about each other, even if it’s not so easy to take. So I told him the truth, which was I’d never cheated on him and I …

a before sunset moment that happened on the set of before sunrise

you are my feel-good drama.  one fine nice movie that i'll be watching over and over again, even though i already know about the ending.

hello, thank you, i miss you.